What’s On At Arundel Castle?

One of the most majestic places in West Sussex, Arundel Castle has seen nearly a thousand years of history unfold within its walls. A break at one of our luxury holiday cottages is the perfect chance to enjoy a summer event at Arundel Castle, from taking in a real jousting tournament to trying your hand at archery.

this summer, there’s an event to suit all ages and tastes – you certainly don’t have to be a history nut! Read on for our bespoke selection of the best summer events at Arundel Castle in 2019.

THROUGHOUT SUMMER – Characters from our History

Spread across the whole summer, visitors can meet a varied cast of characters from British History. From a Norman crossbowman guiding you through the old keep to the Castle Guard revealing the secrets of the castle’s defences, these events bring history to life for the whole family. Please check the official website for precise dates.

MAY 25-27 – 15th Century Raiders

It’s the years after the Wars of the Roses and England is finally at peace. Now King Edward IV is eyeing up France as his next conquest – but the French strike first by attacking Arundel Castle! This exciting exhibition features all the frills of warfare (without the bloodshed!) plus exhibitions of medieval cooking, arts and crafts, weapons and more.

JUNE 22-23 – Mustering for War

War is coming. the Empress Matilda has turned up at the gates of Arundel Castle, claiming the English throne is hers. But her cousin Stephen has already been crowned – so Matilda prepares for battle! Explore the many 12th century encampments packed with olde worlde crafts and activities, including “have-a-go” archery for kids aged 8 and above!

JULY 13-14 – Norman Knights Tournament

The year is 1138 and there’s a royal wedding afoot. William de Albini is marrying Dowager Queen Adeliza de Louvain and to celebrate they’re hosting a tournament for Norman knights in the grounds of Arundel Castle! Come and watch these mighty warriors do battle and enjoy demonstrations of crafts and activities from the 12th century.

JULY 23-28 – Medieval Jousting Week

If you’re a fan of A Knight’s Tale or Game of Thrones, take a 30-minute car journey from our holiday cottages and B&B accommodation and you’ll be enjoying Arundel Castle’s international joust tournaments in no time! Featuring a medley of medieval games from falconry displays to jousting. there’s also plenty of hands-on opportunities for the kids plus medieval music and story-telling from historical characters.

AUGUST 4 – Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club

For some modern thrills and spills, come along to this stunning display of classic Jaguars and other vintage supercars. Organised by the Jaguar Enthusiasts; Club of West Sussex, you’ll be able to chat to the owners about their prized possessions and admire some of Britain’s greatest engineering and style.

AUGUST 16-17 – Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

In a mysterious island near Italy, Prospero the magician is whipping up a wicked storm. Dealing with an old hag named Caliban and the mischievous sprite Ariel, a series of great and magical events occur that threaten to change the course of history. This outdoor theatre performance takes place in Earl’s garden nand is a splendid way to spend a summer’s eve in Arundel.

AUGUST 17-18 – Family History Weekend

A fun-filled weekend for history lovers big or small. the Lower lawns of the Castle will be taken over by a host of historical characters, including a swashbuckling pirate, handsome knight and medieval surgeon. There’s plenty of activities to get stuck in to, including: face-painting, a falconry show and story-telling.

Make your stay at Quay Quarters one for the history books

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